Be Achiever
We focus on individual performance execution & realize that each of our performance determines the company results.
Be Nimble
We act like a small company.We are fast & cut down on bureaucracy, non-value adding processes & unwanted hierarchy.
Be Bold
We continuously set ambitious growth targets & achieve it.We welcome and accept change.If we don’t fail or challenge the status quo, it means we ain’t bold enough.
Be Humble
We are not arrogant or prideful.Be cool, don’t think suits or title give power,they only last till they exist.
Be Talent Developer
As an individual we recognize our colleagues for their great work.As a leader, we empower, recognize high performers, create opportunities & willingly move them across the organization.
Be Customer Obsessed
We ensure we continuously improve and provide only the very best product/service to our customers.We do our best to wow the customer.
Be Passionate
We bolster the image of the brands we represent with passion.
Be Open
We speak with candor and no bullshit, which would help us build trust.We take tough decisions without the fear of being disliked.
Be Humane
We care, understand and take a humane reasoning in what we do.
Be Frugal
We work in good times in anticipation of bad times. We do more with less.
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