Know The Ex Showroom Price Of Honda Brio And Bring It Home

October 13, 2017

With the launch of Honda Brio, the term “cuteness” in cars has been completely overwritten and redefined. This cute little hatchback has many features gift-packed within its highly maneuverable small body. The latest update to the Honda Brio has brought in subtle changes in the car that have made it extremely convenient. In this blog, you get to know the ex-showroom price of Honda Brio and bring it home.

First of all, the top-line version of the latest Brio has what we were waiting for eagerly – interior panels and dashboard in black, faux carbon-fiber look. While the basic models still come with beige interiors, the black variant is highlighted wonderfully when seen teamed with the upholstery that comes with the car. Black is the new cool.

On the exterior, you will not spot any drastic changes. Some subtleties have been modified to look better and to make the car look sportier. All the boys out there have something to show off now with a statement car, sporty exterior and black interior.

The ride quality has been taken up another notch, with Honda making the seating even more comfortable that the older versions of the car. It is not just the interiors, in fact, that have been improved, the performance and handling at high speeds have also been polished. Driving the new Brio at high speeds will leave you admiring the stability it offers among competitors of the same segment.

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